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Manufacturers have unique IT requirements to streamline their processes and to glean actionable insights to make smart and informed business decisions.

The manufacturing industry is streamlining the information flow and moving towards adopting emerging technologies. These changes are reducing cycle time and helping to adapt quickly to market changes with improving cost efficiencies. To surge in the adoption of digitized value chain manufacturers require high levels of innovation and efficiencies to transform manufacturing with automation and analytics. They are breaking these boundaries to interact with multiple levels of supply chain partners to enable the promise of accelerated delivery for products and customers. Thus, they are responding to these challenges by rethinking and redesigning processes, operations, and use of pertinent IT solutions.

They want to manage their spending efficiently to improve workflow and streamline operations without compromising service & performance.

GrapesTech Solutions relies on innovative processes to completely transform the way business is done in the manufacturing sector. We have the proficiency to deploy the right technologies and seize upon these opportunities to help clients gain a competitive advantage. We review various metrics and insights at a granular level to realize ideas to successfully create products in quick time while ensuring the optimal customer experience.


  • Optimal Manufacturing Processes for Diverse Products

  • Supply Chain Design & Optimization

  • Streamlined & seamless manufacturing operations with IT systems

  • Business Intelligence for insights into processes

  • Asset Performance Management Solutions

  • Operations Enablement and Infrastructure Services

  • Internet of Things and Smart Mobility services

  • Product life cycle Management & Supply Chain Management

  • Better Sustainability & Green Energy Implementation

Why Choose GrapesTech Solutions?

Provides domain-focused, goal-based solutions & services to transform the operations
Benefit from periodic audits of IT systems and issue notifications of system faults
Comprehensive solutions for both discrete & process manufacturing industries
Prompt & secure implementation of effective data protection & security
Extensive experience in high-end consulting to a large scale spectrum of industries
Proven track record of driving improved efficiencies of the enterprise
Strategic technology plan for the manufacturing process to support & maintain future growth
Improved quality output with optimized technology processes
DiamondMela Internal Software

DML Software is kind of customized backend application of DiamondMela website. We have added every single module for the data manipulation which client needs to customized.

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Magento 2.0

Swapgears is e-commerce website for buyers and sellers. It helps you to sell or buy all type of electronics gadgets. Customers can buy gears with exchange too. Customers can buy or sell refurbished products also. So it's huge portal with buying and selling option at the platform.

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