High Technology

The hi-tech industry is transforming rapidly to support services for creating new and long-term revenue sources.

The changing market needs and the necessity for companies to reinvent themselves to drive global sourcing strategies, has made it compulsory to enable hi-tech solutions in their systems. It not only allows to efficiently monitor the process while tracking the exchanges but helps to interact with anyone in one go.

The complex circuitry of high-tech companies to build loyalty and enhance the customer experience requires new ways to acquire, retain and grow their customer base. With seizing new markets and reinventing business models’ companies are in the lookout for effective IT solutions to design their business into something beyond imagination.

GrapesTech Solutions has a talent pool of developers and consultants who can defend your share in the stagnating market by running the processes through advanced operating models and moving with technology trends. Our advanced solutions are driven by top-notch technology that is purely focused to target market audience. In short, we allow High technology industries to capture new business opportunities by tapping diverse niches and fight the challenges to reach the core users for better results.

Our High Technology Solutions

Implement technology solutions that support the business and its vision.

It helps you bring that scalability and agility to speed up the process.

Enable to embrace your stipulated goals with powerful solutions.

Avail tools to penetrate the niche market and drive products.

Offers required sustainable platforms to thrive.

Streamline all M & A activities.

Integrate digital solutions to your internal processes.

Services offered for High Tech Industries

Customer service and after-sales support

Distributed manufacturing enablement

Materials management

Partner and Supplier Collaboration

Product innovation

Product launch & life cycle management

Sales channel management

Plant operation efficiency

Why Choose
GrapesTech solutions As A High Tech Company

  • Enhance the data-driven approach to the current working environment.
  • Move to cloud services and reduce costs on resources.
  • Empower and strengthen supply chain management.
  • Active engagement model to retain and grow your customer base.
  • Make each of your transactions personal and secure.
  • Redefine your accounting services by streamlining your financial processes.
  • Empower operational efficiency with application development services
  • Resolve complicated business challenges
  • Get integrated analytics, to measure and track campaigns
  • Augment user experience with an advanced technology solution.

GrapesTech Solutions has significant domain expertise across Hi-tech segments that gives companies the necessary vision & road map to reach the niche market efficiently. We develop newer business models & our entire digital transformation journey gives you the power to monitor, engage & enhance your productivity. Come engage your users & accelerate your business comprehensively with our powerful, prepackaged solutions.


Sharepoint + Visual Studio 2010
SharePoint 2010 Excel WebService

SharePoint 2010 Excel Web service was for integrating the excel sheet data into SharePoint 2010 list through timer job on a day-to-day basis.

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Angular JS + ASP.Net + WCF Services + Html5
Interactive Situational Awareness Response Tool

iSmart can be integrated with pattern identification, predictive analytics, CCTV surveillance camera systems, and other existing in-house technologies. Therefore, organizations are able to leverage current crime tracking investments. The iSmart performs one critical task that existing tools do not. iSmart places actionable data into the hands of the officers on the street.

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