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In today's data-driven business world, companies are dependent on data analysis for making well-informed decisions.

In today's data-driven business world, companies are dependent on data analysis for making well-informed decisions. Data analysis also helps in minimizing risks and maximizing profits.

But data analysis is not easy to implement. Companies need a partner with hands-on experience of latest tools and technologies, a clear idea about privacy and data security issues along with a dedicated team for managing the system efficiently.

This is where GrapesTech Solutions comes into the picture. We synchronize analytical solutions with the over arching strategic, tactical, and operational business goals. Based on your business requirements, we offer Data Analytics solutions leveraging data and models to fuel insights that power business decisions.

Our Big Data & Analytics Solutions

Enterprise Data Management

We help companies develop, manage, and spread data for multiple applications and processes incompliance with the regulatory framework.

Data Integration and Visualization

We help companies integrate data from multiple sources ensuring accuracy and a holistic view of data. With proprietary tools, we develop easy-to-interpret reports and interactive dashboards.


We provide custom Big Data services that ensure predictive and prescriptive analytics that make sense of customer data sets to view periodic and demographic trends with specific growth opportunities.

Data collection & management

We deliver comprehensive data parsing, cleaning, and integration services along with archival. Our Online analytical processing (OLAP) services ensure thorough data analysis too

Analytical solutions for diverse purposes

We offer a performance analysis, production analysis, and customer analysis for diverse domains

Benefits Of Big Data Analytics

Single source of factual resources and reports to base decision-making

Consistency and reliability in operations with impeccable quality of data for analytics

Eliminate of data storage and retrieval issues

Efficient and prompt decision-making with visual data representation

Use of social media analytics including behavioral analytics

Personalized campaigns and approach to connect with intended viewers

Tracking and monitoring of the quality of content for targeted advertising

Discover new opportunities and revenue streams

Why Choose

GrapesTech Solutions?

GrapesTech Solutions has been delivering data analytics and business intelligence solutions for all kinds of business users. Here is what sets us apart:

Attach value to flexibility and reliability, and combine required features into a single solution.
The expert team of data analysts well versed in multiple domains and industries
Possess multiple competencies in analytical tools and technologies including Power BI, Logic Analytic and Python
Successful data analytical solutions for Healthcare, Banking, Advertising, and other sectors
Our diverse analysis services include cohort analysis, customer spend history analysis, analysis of loyalty programs and their efficiency, market share analysis per demographic, brand portfolio analysis, sales and profitability analysis, conversion rates analysis, employee performance analysis, compensation analysis, and much more.

Our Data Analysis Applications in Domains

ERP modules
(Finance, Accounting, Sales, etc.)
management system
Customer surveys
and market research
positioning system
Social media
and Discovery

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