Cloud Services - Azure, Amazon Web Services

Our analytical and BI-based automation tools support
all kinds of cloud environments - public, private, and hybrid.

Cloud - Azure, Amazon Web Services

GrapesTech Solutions providing cloud services for all kinds of applications and business processes with utmost efficiency and security. Our analytical and BI-based automation tools support all kinds of cloud environments – public, private, and hybrid.

We introduce transformation across applications, data, and infrastructure for making your company align with the present responsive and efficient landscape. One can codify complexity with software and process engineering on all kinds of clouds.

Our Comprehensive Cloud Solutions

Cloud Consulting Services

Avail our advice and consulting services to implement cloud seamlessly with a specific roadmap, best practices, and compliance measures.

Cloud Migration

Introduce the ideal migration strategy that ensures the utmost security, scalability, and availability of data and systems.

Managed Cloud Services

Manage the cloud set up with proactive monitoring of your environment.

Cloud DevOps

Automate the processes for better operational efficiency

Cloud Integration

Build a scalable and robust integration strategy, encompassing all kinds of integrations.

Cloud Security

Manage access controls for users and systems while adhering to best practices of cloud security.

Cloud Technologies

Amazon Web Services

We have a team of AWS experts with immense experience in leveraging Amazon Web Services for multiple business cases. We help you the approach and implementation strategy for AWS while designing, deploying and managing complex initiatives.

Windows Azure Solutions

With our comprehensive Azure Solutions, we evaluating business ideas to build optimum solutions. Our services ensure reduced costs, ideal compliance, outstanding ROI and lower TCO. We offer varied components and tools for information management leveraging the advantages of Microsoft Azure’s PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution.

Cloud Computing
Deployment Models


We ensure the deployment of applications in the cloud inclusive of each of its running components. We develop applications within the cloud or migrate applications from another infrastructure to help clients avail the benefits of our cloud computing offerings. Our applications constitute low-level infrastructure pieces along with higher-level services that deliver abstraction of the architecting and scaling requirements.


At GrapesTech Solutions, we employ hybrid deployment to connect infrastructure and applications together. We blend cloud-based resources with existing ones not present in the cloud. We help clients to extend their systems and grow infrastructure flexibly with the cloud, connecting cloud resources with existing systems.


We develop and deploy resources on-premises, with the help of virtualization tools employing a “private cloud” strategy. On-premises deployment does not expand on cloud computing benefits but helps provide dedicated resources just as it is with legacy IT infrastructure. We use application management and virtualization technologies to boost resource utilization to the tee.

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