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In a decade of years, the automotive industry has gradually developed into intelligence, high performance, eco-friendly engineering models.

In a decade of years, the automotive industry has gradually developed into intelligence, high performance, eco-friendly engineering models. Due to the use of digital technologies automotive industry is going through a drastic change and adjusting to digital trends of millennials is not a cup of tea. The new digital retail configurations and changing roles of the sales force, while pertaining to meet the safety compliance and environmental regulations have made it more complex and difficult to meet the huge expectations. There is a huge pressure on the manufacturers to focus on innovation, fuel efficiency, low budget and additionally meeting the standard of consumer preference.

Navigating your next project with GrapesTech Solutions

GrapesTech Solutions works with automotive manufacturers and derives the best of automotive IT services and solutions that are cost-effective. It aims at leveraging SMA C++ technologies to reduce operational costs delivering a personalized customer experience that can cultivate loyal end-customers for its clients.

The designs are well complemented with the digital lifestyle of data science and digital technologies and it helps every automotive enterprise to navigate their business independently. The cutting-edge automotive IT consulting services and software solutions from GrapesTech are focused on ensuring to assist in digital transformation through developments of business models specially designed for the automotive industry. It uses AI, machine learning, IoT, cloud, and mobile solutions to address retail, salesforce, maintenance and logistics areas.

Key Approach for Developing Automotive Solutions

Artificial Intelligence - powered core that supports embedded solutions and actionable insights

Agile integrated digital manufacturing stack including of APIs, cloud-based analytics, machine learning, and data security.

Address enterprise knowledge requirements with custom content, web portals and e -learning modules.

Automotive Industry-Specific offerings

Order fulfillment and Fleet tracking
A real-time order tracking using GPS and optimization of delivery process integrated with CRM. That also has the advantage to track inventory from source to delivery point.
Get Assistance in selling through smart devices
Get 3D images with a very low footprint on mobile devices that allows for interaction with the 3D model and ensures an enhanced user experience during the sales process. One can interact with the clients or can train your staff by enhancing your brand value.
OEM based technologies
Take a Domain-centric approach in delivering competencies by using OEM in next-generation technologies. These services offer advanced driver assistance systems, active safety, reliability engineering, and value-added services.
Business Planning and Consolidation Implementation
Get implementation of SAP to realize the value of enterprise planning and consolidation. These embedded systems and hardware capabilities with call box integration and video call facility enhance the business planning.

Benefits Offered by our Automotive IT solutions

Industrial Internet of Things solutions with focus on automotive manufacturing

Accelerated design & development of automotive frameworks

Streamlined dealer and distributor networks

Direct-to-consumer channels

Improved efficiency in handling customer service

Reduced waste with proper utilization of materials

Legacy solutions with modern technology for maximum results

Result-oriented approach with minimum investment and high ROI

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