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With our expertise and experience in incorporating sensors to deriving real-time insights, GrapesTech Solutions ensures a robust Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem through its offerings. We also ensure a practical approach that fuels digital transformation with real and tangible benefits.

At GrapesTech Solutions, we leverage Industry 4.0 Maturity Index enabling the ideal definition and implementation of diverse IoT roadmaps. We also deliver smart connected products that guarantee streamlined revenue streams along with domain-specific solutions that utilize machine learning and analytics for the culmination of an efficient enterprise.

Our IoT Services And Solutions

Asset Efficiency

We help enterprises enhance asset life with reduced downtime and optimized utilization with a thorough analysis of historical data across several parameters

Industrial Maintenance

We help enterprises collect and analyze data from various departments - manufacturing, supply chain, operations, sales, etc. to promote corrective and preventive maintenance activities

Healthcare Solutions

We propose cost-efficient and effective IoT solutions for healthcare providers with wearable sensor devices and smart patient monitoring solutions that aid healthcare practitioners to make sound decisions and ultimately make patient’s lives better.

Optimal Energy

We provide direct visibility into energy consumption across several avenues including factories, industrial areas, malls, stadiums, and the like. We compare and analyze the energy consumption data with patterns along with performance, aided by prompt alerts and augmented reality tools.

Traffic Management

We help in managing traffic conditions efficiently with improved sensors that check on vehicle speed, rule management, and collision detection based on surveillance options. We pre-empt road congestion by detecting unusual events automatically thus boosting the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.

Our IoT development approach

We choose an approach for imparting IoT solutions aligned with client requirements, with the help of flexible engagement models that suit their budget and timeline

IoT Consulting Services

We adopt specific roadmaps for smart manufacturing of connected products while providing timely consulting services fora smart approach for existing operations

IoT App Development

We connect the real world with the virtual, with IoT apps, enabling faster time-to-market by utilizing indigenous accelerators for development

System Integration

We enable enterprises to integrate IoT in their operations and existing systems with the help of our team of IoT engineers and data scientists

Managed Services

We help several companies manage services through our IoT stack for improved visibility into their operations, better monitoring of assets, predictive maintenance options for physical systems, etc.

Our Industry-
Based Offerings

Our domain experience serves us in good stead to propose IoT-based solutions for ensuring efficient digital transformation in varied industry settings:


Shop floor connectivity with optimal productivity standards and a streamlined supply chain


Smart telematics, fleet management alerts, maintenance alerts, and performance efficiency systems


Wearable sensors with real-time assessment of health, alerts for doctors, etc.


Integrated energy utilization assessment with better energy efficiency modes


Efficiency in Supply chain, use of sensors for digital ad banners, and the boost in branding solutions and customer experience

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