Healthcare Consulting

The healthcare industry is proving to be dynamic, disruptive and innovative compared to a few years back. Due to which the healthcare sector is encountering a huge wave of changes with market forces,consumerization, and cost-saving initiatives.

Healthcare IT is gearing towards a better, more efficient approach to improve care quality. Healthcare providers though have to face multiple challenges here – especially around accountable care organizations, concerns over sustainability, healthcare reform, and consumer centricity need proper solutions for providers to improve the technical structure and adapt to constant change.

To become a fully digital organization healthcare provider, one needs to embrace technologies that could further cut down costs and transform operational processes. GrapesTech Solutions is a chosen partner of many healthcare organizations because of its deep understanding of the healthcare industry and time-to-market needs. Our healthcare-based IT solutions are aligned with HIPAA / HITECH regulatory compliance while our value-added tools help manage hospitals and enhance decision support systems without the hassles of management overheads and high costs. We have proven experience in the healthcare domain and customer service to provide incremental and cost-effective solutions.

Key attributes of Healthcare IT Solutions

Highly scalable & flexible

Low-cost with high-performance features

Seamless data-integration on all platforms

Quick enough to extract & analyze all data

Adhere with HIPAA/HITECH regulations

High data privacy & security of intellectual property

Authentic collaboration tools to manage geographic boundaries

Our Healthcare Consulting Service

Product Engineering

Comprehensive services that cater to different aspects of product life-cycle needs.

Custom Development

Build and enhance custom healthcare applications within the fastest duration possible.

QA & Testing

Ensure regulatory, security and data privacy compliance to address challenges on time and budget.


Understand the industry nuances and meet the unique needs of the evolving healthcare industry.


Enable easy exchange of clinical and financial information across the healthcare organization.


Benefit from our prompt maintenance and support services of existing applications along with periodic upgrades

Are you ready to empower your healthcare services with technological innovation? GrapesTech Solutions creates a unique opportunity for healthcare transformation by competitively addressing the challenges of the market while providing optimum value. Partner with us as we deliver a comprehensive digital healthcare strategy aligned with competent healthcare IT solutions for you.

Pharmacy Inventory System

Pharmacy Inventory System is application used with QR codes. User can generates Qr code stickers for their current inventory. Add purchase entries of medicines. Tally their stock by scanning Qr codes of each stores and save the records as well.

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